Types of Coaching


Georgina offers three types of coaching, to meet your personal, relationship and business needs.




#1 Personal

Georgina offers 1:1 coaching for those looking to live a more fulfilled, happy and rewarding life. Using her successful 8 step Purpose Me program, Georgina can help you evaluate your today and support you in your journey to tomorrow. Want to find out if this is right for you? Click here.


#2 Relationship

Georgina provides relationship coaching to individuals, partners and groups. Relationships are powerful parts of our lives – both professionally and personally.  With her unique approach to relationship success, Georgina will guide you on how to create, nurture and solidify meaningful and impactful relationships in your life. Want to find out if this is right for you? Click here.


#3 Leadership

Georgina offers specialized leadership coaching for those committed to taking their leadership skills to the next level. If you are dedicated, ambitious and ready to achieve your next level of success, Georgina can give you the key to unlock your ultimate potential. Whether it is personally or professionally, she will guide you in your vision of achievement – empowering not only you but the teams you lead. Want to find out if this right for you? Click here.


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