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The Client

A 20 something, overworked young

woman feeling “stuck in a rut” but

unable to identify why or how to get

out of it.


The Result

“I had my degree. I had friends, a great family and a well-paid graduate job. But every morning I just felt dissatisfied. Is this it? I decided to try life coaching after reading an article about it online and found Coach Georgina by chance. Best decision I ever made. She was so welcoming when I reached out and I quickly signed up for 6 sessions. By the end of the sessions, I had made some really big decisions and realized so much about where I wanted to go. Her Purpose Me program has been an absolute game changer for me.”


Letitia – Account Manager – Tech Industry






The Client

An aspiring musician looking to

break the industry but feeling

unprepared to handle the business.


The Result

“I worked with Coach Georgina just as my career was taking off. It was hard for me to understand why I felt so stressed, just as everything I wanted was happening. Mangers, industry people, they were all reaching out and I found myself incredibly anxious as I sat in the big board rooms with these influential people. Coach Georgina didn’t waste a second. By my second session, I already felt more empowered to handle what was happening to me and even more importantly, capable of winning in my music relationships. Simple tips gave me so much confidence and Coach Georgina helped me realize my potential.”

Hannah – Singer – Music Management



The Client

A 50s+ man looking for romance

and love but unsure on how to

start the search.


The Result

“I knew I wanted to date again, I just didn’t know where to start. I felt so awkward reaching out to Coach Georgina but after our informal phone session I knew that she could help me. She was compassionate and understanding. Our weekly calls became an important part of my week. Funny enough, one of the most impactful things she helped me discover was that I was a good date, I just was a little out of practice. Her encouragement was really infectious.”

Mike – Sales – Automobile Industry






The Client

A Vice President at a Leading NYC

agency feeling buried at work

with no time for passions outside the office.


The Result

“My work life is high pressured and I just felt like I was losing my way so I reached out to Coach Georgina after she was recommended to me by a friend. She very quickly and effectively helped me define what successful meant to me in a way I had never considered. It was as if, she knew where I needed to go before I did and helped me find my way there.”

Lisa – Vice President – Public Relations Firm


The Client

A CEO in a new leadership role at a London

recruitment firm looking to define

what kind of leader she wanted to be and how to

more effectively manage her Senior Leadership Team.


The Result

Being promoted is an amazing feeling but one night, I was sitting thinking about my impact and I felt panicked. I wanted a path or a plan but didn’t know where to start. Coach Georgina just seemed to get it. She asked all the right questions and helped me move forward at a time I felt paralyzed. We worked together for six months and it was a pivotal turning point in my life. What was most rewarding for me, was that the things she taught me stayed with me. I use the tools she taught me every day.”

Amber – CEO  – Recruitment Agency

Coach Georgina Described By Family, Friends and Colleagues

Genuine Warmth

“Coach Georgina will make you feel like you've known her for years within just minutes of meeting her. Her genuine warmth is coupled with an intuition that makes her my go-to for so many of life's situations.”

A Listener

“Coach Georgina is an amazing listener, but perhaps more impressive is she listens to what you're not saying - digging beneath the surface to get to the root of any problem and never letting you out of her sight without offering an actionable solution.”


Positive Mentor

“In addition to being a wonderful friend, Coach Georgina is an open-minded, fantastic mentor who will bring a burst of positive and meaningful energy to anyone who crosses her path.”



“Coach Georgina has never met a stranger. She has a natural ability to understand the people around her and to make them feel good, as if she has known them for years, and she has been in their life forever.”



“Coach Georgina imbues kindness with every word – a caring soul who is truly considerate by nature”


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