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“Hi friends.  I am Coach Georgina, welcome to my site. I am a dedicated coach, speaker and writer driven to help those around me max out happiness, find purpose and live a life they love.”


Coach Georgina is a qualified and experienced life coach committed to enriching people’s lives through specialized and goal orientated coaching. She has helped thousands of people unlock positivity, happiness and strength.  No matter what you are feeling or which part of your life you are looking to optimize, she is here for you and believes in you. Coach Georgina’s Purpose Me 8 step program will empower you to reach your full potential, become happier than you have ever felt and awaken you to yourself, your life and your dreams. She asks meaningful questions that uncover life changing truth. She is with you through your journey and will always be present. Most importantly, Coach Georgina is here to make sure you feel empowered and supported during your transformation. Her goal is your success.


“What is more valuable than feeling powerful in your own life? If I can help make that happen, we have succeeded” – Coach Georgina


Coach Georgina has a warm heart, a sharp mind and a powerful voice. She is caring and approachable and lives a fulfilling and joyful life.  Georgina is no stranger to change and challenge. No one is perfect and just like you; she has experienced the struggles of everyday life. She has witnessed transformational change in her own life through self-discovery and a commitment to awaken herself to her potential and purpose and works with people to help them find that same success.  She was raised in London, lived in Paris and now resides in New York. She lives by what she coaches and is consistently looking for ways to enrich her own life. The work never stops but the results keep her running.


“The practice of meditation and mindfulness changed my life; I want to bring that gift to others, or, tools that can help them find that level of understanding and happiness. Everyone is different. I know that and I think those differences are what make us beautiful” – Coach Georgina


She had a very successful career in Public Relations, working for leading firms offering creative, strategic and account management counsel. She is a masterful conversationalist and loves working with people. In three years, Georgina jumped six positions and nearly tripled her salary. She is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of corporate life and quickly realized that she could help others with her experience and expertise. It isn’t always easy to exist but by looking inwards, Coach Georgina has seen powerful change in herself and the people she has helped across the world.


“We are all busy, we are all trying and we are all on the go. But are we all present? I believe we have to be actively present in our lives and once we awaken that, we can be unstoppable.” - Coach Georgina


Coaching is Georgina’s calling and anyone that knows her well, knows she has found something she loves. Georgina believes in people and is committed to supporting them in reaching their full potential so they can derive purpose and meaning from their lives.


“Reaching out is the first step, go on, I dare you.” - Coach Georgina


Georgina Described By Family, Friends and Colleagues

Genuine Warmth

“Coach Georgina will make you feel like you've known her for years within just minutes of meeting her. Her genuine warmth is coupled with an intuition that makes her my go-to for so many of life's situations.”

A Listener

“Coach Georgina is an amazing listener, but perhaps more impressive is she listens to what you're not saying - digging beneath the surface to get to the root of any problem and never letting you out of her sight without offering an actionable solution.”


Positive Mentor

“In addition to being a wonderful friend, Coach Georgina is an open-minded, fantastic mentor who will bring a burst of positive and meaningful energy to anyone who crosses her path.”



“Coach Georgina has never met a stranger. She has a natural ability to understand the people around her and to make them feel good, as if she has known them for years, and she has been in their life forever.”



“Coach Georgina imbues kindness with every word – a caring soul who is truly considerate by nature”


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